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Our goal is to Produce, Correct, and Maintain Ponds & Water Features better than ANY Competitor in Utah. With superior knowledge, service, & pricing, We hope to serve You now, and for many years to come.


To give you a quick back ground on our company, we opened Utah Ponds in 2004. Our desire was to serve the community with a higher standard of water feature maintenance & repair. In a short amount of time we found that the water features in our area were being designed & constructed in a manner that condemned them to failure. Our repairs were extensive and many features were unmaintainable. We began correcting features with extensive reworks including new design, filtration, and mechanical methods unique to our company. The success we experienced with our customers satisfaction was inspiration to expand. We began full installation in addition to our reworks & repairs. Maintenance was an area we wanted to limit to features we had corrected or constructed (due to the practices of other builders). Many of the features we would be asked to service would have little or no bio filtration, poor mechanical, or a non-working design. Maintaining features in these conditions is never ending and futile. In the years since, we have been blessed with several clients that had vision as big as ours. Thanks to them, we have created some of the most beautiful water features in Utah. Their continued success is due to the innovative systems we have implemented into every design we do. Our client base is very broad. We have serviced features for Celebrities in Park City to the Mechanic in West Valley City, and everywhere in between. The reason for this is our low pricing and the belief that water features are not exclusively for the rich. Projects we have worked on have ranged from one day to two months. When we say "no job is to big or small", we mean it. Our Biohytrix system has recently been adapted into a product line that will be available in 2011. This system works like no other out there and is proven to be extremely successful in combating high water feature maintenance (good for us, good for you). Our services have been expanded to include: installation, reworks, repairs, maintenance, design, consulting, stocking, lighting, exotic mechanical, indoor features, dramatic surrounds, paths, patios, fire pits & more. Many companies tell you only information about their company in this section of a web page. They leave out the info you may want to know about the individuals that are in the company. We will expand in to our lives for you as well. Please check out our bios if you want to know more about those of us who will be working for you .

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